The Galactic Sound Keys are a cosmic invitation to remember our most natural, simple truth - What are we here for? They're a fresh new modality we can use to support us in activating and embodying the role we have chosen in the co-creation of Heaven and Earth.

Designed to awaken the blueprints within us, the Galactic Sound Keys seek to lift us out of surviving and into thriving community.

Cosmic frequency, visual art, sound and insight make up this channeled body of work, containing 99 keys, each with their own soundscape and imagery. The GSKs are not an oracle deck, rather they are a cosmic tool for contemplation and integration of our truest essence.

Please use the Galactic Sound Keys discerningly; This modality is not designed to replace medical advice. As the beautiful, galactic human you are, you are responsible for all transformation in your life.

All rights are reserved for art, music, visual images and content. Copyright Carmen Belle White.